The Shabbat Experience

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Shabbat under the stars - Friday. May 27. 7:15 PM

Chabad backyard - 55 Rawlinson Av.

Shabbat morning services - Saturday. May 28. 10:00 AM

Chabad - 55 Rawlinson Av.

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Prayer is so much more meaningful and powerful when it is together with others. Our prayer services will be easy to follow even for the beginner; interspersed with uplifting traditional melodies and thought provoking explanations.

Friday night - Shabbat under the stars (once a month)

Welcome in Shabbat under the stars. Join us for Kabalat Shabbat services in the Chabad backyard followed by summer cocktails and small bites. Always great vibes.

Enjoy the inspiration and meaning of prayer with chassidic song and spirituality.

This will take place once a month. (please check calendar below for dates)

Time: 7:15 PM
Location: backyard of Chabad

55 Rawlinson Av.

Shabbat morning Services (once a month)

Join us on Saturday morning for warm and welcoming Shabbat services. Whether it's your first time, or you're an avid shul goer, you are welcome! Take up the opportunity to connect spiritually and connect as a community.
A simultaneous children's program will take place. It will be an opportunity for you to give your children a positive experience of shul!

Services will be Followed by L'chaim and Cholent.

This will take place once a month on the second weekend of the month (please check calendar below to see dates).

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: The Toronto Camera Club
587 Mt. Pleasant Rd.