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About Us

Rabbi Shmuly and Mushkie Grossbaum

Shmuly Grossbaum was raised in Thornhill, Ontario where his father directs the Chabad Lubavitch Organization of Ontario. Rabbi Shmuly studied for his rabbinic ordination in Safed, Israel. He spent his post rabbinic internship engaged in outreach work, and volunteering for Jewish causes.

Mushkie was raised in Buffalo Grove, IL, where her father directs the Chabad center. After spending her post high school year studying in Israel, Mushkie served as the extra-curricular program director at the Chabad Girls High School in Michigan. As a guidance counselor, she strived to instill pride and inspire the students to pursue their interests in the growing public role of women in Jewish life.

For Shmuly and Mushkie, public service is a sacred responsibility, a great honour, and the realization of their dream. Indeed, as disciples of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of blessed memory, dedicating their lives to promote and perpetuate traditional values was always their life vision, and fueled and inspired by the homes and families they grew up in.

Shmuly and Mushkie are looking forward to establishing a Jewish presence along the “East Side” of Yonge St., under the auspices of Chabad Lubavitch. Through a plethora of programs and projects that address the needs of all segments of the community they look forward to bring this vision to reality. They are proud to join the Rebbe’s brigade of emissaries servicing the Jewish community throughout the GTA.  Together with their two month old son Mendel, they look forward to open a new Chabad satellite centre east of Yonge St., a warm and welcoming space to learn, explore and experience our rich heritage in a non-judgmental and inviting atmosphere. From early childhood to Bar/Bat Mitzvah clubs, adult education to young professionals and more, Chabad on the East Side will be there for everyone.

Chabad Lubavitch

“Each individual has the capacity to build communities and endow communities with life… so that every community member becomes a source of inspiration”

— The Rebbe

Chabad Lubavitch is the largest Jewish organization in the world which spans the globe. The cornucopia of objectives includes, Community Centres, Synagogues, Adult Classes, Hebrew Schools, Day Schools, Pre-Schools, Chabad House Student Centers, Holiday Programs and Summer Camps. The social services include the Friendship Circles - for children with special needs, Immigrant Aid, Counseling, social assistance.

Chabad embraces a philosophy of study and practical participation. It links a keen understanding of the basic tenets of Judaism with proactive community involvement. The incredible growth of educational and social services brought to communities all over the world has made Chabad Lubavitch one of the most dynamic forces in contemporary Jewish life.

"ChaBaD" is a Hebrew acronym for "Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge." Lubavitch is the town in White Russia where the movement was based for more than a century. (The word "Lubavitch" actually means 'brotherly love," which is emblematic of the love and dedication that characterizes Chabad Lubavitch and its representatives.) Founded in 1772 by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, and subsequently led in turn by six successors of the Schneerson dynasty.

Chabad promotes a dual approach that combines the mystical, intellectual, and traditional principles of the Torah -- while harnessing modern methods and technology for education, outreach, and programs.

Chabad has consistently been at the forefront of Jewish education and community activism. The work of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory, who assumed leadership of the movement in 1950, is legendary. Motivated by a profound love for humanity and spurred by boundless optimism, the Rebbe lifted the global Jewish community from the ashes of the Holocaust and launched an unprecedented range of Jewish institutions, outreach, and social services.

Around the globe, a brigade of some 4,600 emissaries of the Rebbe have created a groundswell of activism that continues to improve the landscape of Jewish life all over the world. We invite you to learn more about Chabad, and welcome your participation and support.

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