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Purim 4 you. A packaged plan.

Have you thought about Purim yet? How to create the signature Purim festive spirit in your home without having any outside parties to rely on?

With no Purim parties or gatherings this year, we are aiming to give you, the parents, as much accessibility as we can for you to create a festive Purim spirit in your home.

Starting three days prior to Purim, You will have an activity a night to enjoy with your family. Each activity will be focusing on another one of the four special Mitzvot of Purim. This will create a feeling of anticipation and excitement for the holiday!


Activities included in the package:

  • Feb 23: Home Depot workshop kit. Build and decorate your own Tzedakah (Charity) box. 

(Purim Mitzvah: Give charity to the poor on Purim day.)

  • Feb 24: The Purim Story. Play the RIGHT LEFT game while learning the story of Purim and winning a prize.

(Purim Mitzvah: Listen to the reading of the Megillah on Purim night and day.)

  • Feb 25: Create a Shalach Manot package. Decorate and fill a Shalach Manot package for a friend.

(Purim Mitzvah: Give Shalach Manot (food Package) to a friend on Purim day.)

  • Feb 26: Kids in the kitchen! Make, shape and bake Hamantashen together on zoom!

(Purim Mitzvah: Eat a festive meal on Purim day.)

It’s important to note, the Mitzvot of Purim should all be fulfilled on Purim day itself. The activities being done prior to Purim are only to learn about it and to bring the anticipation of the holiday into your home.

On Purim day we will celebrate together on zoom! More details to come.

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One of the four Mitzvot of Purim is to hear the reading of the Megillah, which recounts the story of Purim, once on Purim eve and again on Purim day.

We will have Megillah readings, both on Purim eve and Purim day, at The Toronto Camera Club. Covid19 protocols will be strictly observed.

If you're not up for joining inside, please contact us and we will have a Rabbi come read the Megillah on your front porch for your family only, while keeping a safe distance.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Rabbi Shmuly Grossbaum at or on his cell 647.677.0665