Don't Pass Over Passover

Sale of Chametz: For the eight day duration of Pesach we are forbidden to possess any form of edible Chametz. This would include bread, crackers, cereal, and whiskey. While it may be easy to dispose of a few slices of left over bread, to disown a box of cereal or a bottle of whisky is certainly a headache. For edibles with a long shelf life one can fill out the Chametz sale. The Chametz will be sold under the guidance of a rabbi to a non-Jew for the duration of the Holiday. Click here to sell your Chametz.

Shmurah Matza: The most important detail of the festive Seder meal is the Matza we eat. In addition to being biblically prescribed, the Kabbalists bring to our attention its spiritual dimension, referring to the Matza as the food of faith and health, which is very pertinent to us in the situation we currently find ourselves in. Thus, at least for the two Seder nights, it is best to use traditional, round, hand-baked Matza. Shmurah Matza is available for purchase at Chabad. Click here to order your Shmurah Matza.

Ready-to-Use Seder Plate items: This year we are offering ready-to-use Seder plate items for you to use at your Seder. This includes Charoset, Maror, Chazeret, the Karpas, an egg and a Zeroah. We will be bringing this to you from Kosher Gourmet. Click here if you would like to order one.


Holiday Guide: The festival of Pesach has the good fortune that it has been embraced by virtually all Jews from all walks of life. In order to be well informed about the Seder and the numerous observances, a free user friendly guide is available upon request.

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