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A Message from Rabbi Grossbaum


Dear friend,

We stand in trying times with the outburst of the corona virus which unfortunately is spreading like wildfire. It is not time for unnecessary fear and Panic, rather to stay safe and look after our parents, grandparents and anyone else that needs.

First and foremost, it is important to stay home and stay away from others as much as possible, so as not to spread the virus. This virus may not be as threatening to younger people under their 60’s, but extremely threatening for older people or those with compromised immune systems and chronic diseases who are at greater risks. It is therefore important to hold back from visiting the elderly. Instead pick up the phone and give them a call.

At a time when the world may look like it’s at a standstill, with no known cure for Covid-19, it gives us opportunity to ask questions, to think deeper. It’s easy to marvel at ourselves in 2020 with all the latest technology and medical advancements and believe we’re at the top, we can’t be missing anything! With the current outbreak of Covid-19 we get a clear reminder; this world is not just running on its own, there’s a G-d running it. In the book of Isaiah G-d tells the Jewish people, “In all their trouble, he [G-d] is with us”. The Lubavitcher Rebbe teaches, G-d isn’t watching and helping from on high, rather he is together with us in our troubles while helping us get through them. As we spend our time homebound, let’s remember G-d’s running this world, G-d’s with us in times of stress, and G-d only does what’s best for us. Let us use this opportunity to strengthen our trust in G-d and show our children an example of how we handle such difficulties.

A few community friends have reached out to us, kindly offering their assistance in any way possible. If you feel it is unsafe for you to leave your house, please reach out to us and we will arrange for someone to pick up and drop off your groceries or help in any other way possible. As well as please let us know if you are willing to help and volunteer your time and efforts.

I’m sure many of your Pesach Seder plans might need to change. Instead of celebrating with extended family, many will be celebrating with the immediate family alone this year. If you have any questions on how to run the Seder or how to cook a brisket please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or Mushkie.

We will be having a two session Pesach class online. One class will be focusing on the basic step by step order of the Seder, and the second class will be exploring deeper insights on the Seder. Details will be announced shortly.

If you are up to studying over the phone or video conference, or would just like to chat please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or Mushkie.

With best wishes for health and to get through these times in a peaceful manner,

Rabbi Shmuly Grossbaum


Rabbi Shmuly Grossbaum

Mushkie Grossbaum

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